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Hattiesburg, MS 39401
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Pharmacy Assistance Center

The Pharmacy Assistance Center is a closed-door pharmacy, which means only prescriptions written by Doctors and Nurse Practitioners of Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative, Inc. may be filled.

Medications are purchased under the 340-b pricing program allowing the pharmacy to pass huge savings on to patients.


$10 + cost of drug for 30 days
$15 + cost of drug for 60 days
$20 + cost of drug for 90 days

(Brand Name)

$15 + cost of drug for 30 days
$20 + cost of drug for 60 days
$30 + cost of drug for 90 days

We accept most private insurance; however, the Pharmacy Assistance Center is not a retail pharmacy, so we do not sell over-the-counter medications. All medications that leave the Pharmacy Assistance Center must have a prescription. As a convenience, we do sell over-the-counter syringes to our active patients for medications such as insulin or testosterone.

We frequently receive medications donated by non-profit organizations. These medications are free to patients, but we cannot guarantee that patients will receive this discount at every visit as it is based on the availability of donated medications.

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Pharmacy Assistance Center Staff
Charnay Ingram, RPh
Director of Pharmacy/Pharmacist in Charge
Christina White, RPh
Kelsey Thurston, RPh
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